[Repost] Want To Finish Your Novel? Try Micro-Writing

We often think that writing involves long stretches of uninterrupted time, but what if I told you that you could complete your biggest writing goals with the smallest of daily efforts?

Want To Finish Your Novel? Try Micro-Writing

I sometimes find that the conventional idea of having to sit ourselves down to just keep cranking out words is very limiting. Most of us do not have the luxury of sitting down with our laptops and typewriters and typing out a 1000 words a day. Whether we are studying, having a day job, or busy taking care of housework and kids, we’d be way too busy to actually create our own yaddo right where we are when life’s responsibilities hit us.

And that gets even worse when you’re, say, making a photocopy of set of documents and something hits the muse in you from out of nowhere like a BB gun pallet: What if Mr So-and-So and Miss Whatshername met instead in the copy room when the copy machine breaks down? And as much as you’d like to explore that idea, you also know you have to finish your day’s obligations before leaving the office and have therefore no time to actually write. You leave the office exhausted and hungry, maybe go home to some kids that you have to take care of, or go out for a night out with friends.

And all this time, the chance meeting between Mr So-and-So and Miss Whatshername in a parallel, typewritten universe has faded out of memory, and therefore existence.

Maybe I should try this – not writing in ambitious bursts of 1000 words or so on my desk, but small bursts that are just enough to progress me as much as I want to explore.

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